The National Youth Jazz Orchestra of The Netherlands (NJJO) is a big band of 20 young carefully selected top musicians playing in the Dutch Champions League of the jazz. 

Trumpet player Maite Hontelé, multiple times nominated for the Latin Grammy, is the artistic leader, inspirator, coach and soloist of the NJJO. 

In a very short time, all musicians have been prepared for the two-year programme ‘Maite Hontelé’s NJJO goes mambo!’ in order to perform in The Netherlands first, followed by an international tour. Maite: ”There isn’t just one mambo, but a whole world of mambo styles and new contemporary cross overs. And within all these styles, different Latin grooves and jazz improvisations blend perfectly together. This offers both the NJJO as well as its audience a wide array of musical flavors.

Have a look at my agenda or the NJJO agenda for the NJJO playing dates and join one of them for a great Mambo evening!