Femke Mooren Quartet

The Femke Mooren Quartet is an ensemble with musicians who are all based in Rotterdam. Set up by the alto saxophone player Femke Mooren this band promises a performance where the listener will be touched by the own compositions of the group. 

The quartet won the prestigeous 2023 Prinses Christina Jazz Concours, in the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. This was the kick-start for many more promising projects to come. The jury described the quartet and their music as ‘a group with beautiful, clear and direct compositions with room for each individual instrument. The clear connection within the band is very dynamic. The musicianship is very alert and well balanced.

This quartet plays melodic modern jazz and incorporates situations and stories of their lives into their songs. They want to make the audience feel something during the performance and share the emotions in the songs. Their repertoire consists of Femke’s original compositions.

Beyond the stage, the quartet shares a special bond as a great group of friends, which clearly shows in the performance and which enhances the interplay between the musicians in the group. Some inspirational sources are the Brian Blade Fellowship, Kendrick Scott Oracle and Immanuel Wilkins.



Band Members


Femke Mooren

Alto Saxophone (NL)


Eva Serrano Alarcon

Double Bass (ES)


Laurens Buijs

Drums (NL)